How To Overcome Writers Block: Tips For Bloggers

 Bloggers need to be able to produce consistent content but sometimes writers block leaves you stuck on a blog post. Check out these tips for overcoming writers block. #BlogPostIdeas, #BloggingTips, #BloggingForBeginners

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This was me on Sunday when I sat down to work on writing my blog post.

>>>Type type type💻. Delete delete delete🔙. Type type delete🔙 type delete🔙 select all delete🔙. Stop and stare🙄. Search the web for inspiration👩🏼‍💻. Play music🎧. Type type type💻. Stop and stare🙄. Pin pin pin📌on Pinterest.<<<  

I’d been “writing” for like an hour and had nothing to show for it. I was frustrated and feeling creative paralysis🤦🏼‍♀️. Been there?

You're in luck! I procrastinated by putting together some helpful tips on how to overcome writers block as a blogger :).

  • Write first. Edit later. 
  • Don't write - talk!
  • Setup a writing ritual 
  • Remember your why 



You are both a Writer and an Editor. You can only be one at a time. 

The problem hits when your inner creative writer and editor-in-chief are both trying to work at the same time.

This is what you’re experiencing when you’re writing and you keep questioning yourself, deleting, and rewriting. You have to separate these two.

Here’s a tip. Start by giving yourself creative freedom to just write. Have you ever heard of free writing? Try it. It’s amazing!

Just give yourself a block of time where all you’re going to do is write. Pick a topic for your blog post. Then set a timer for 20 minutes and write

During this exercise do not delete anything. Don’t worry about spelling, grammar, or even making sense. Just let the thoughts flow from your mind onto the paper.

Later, you can go back and edit your post. I usually wait until the next day. Then you can let your inner critic come in and correct spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and organize your content.



Sometimes writers block stems from this internal pressure we put on ourselves. “I have to write!” It goes from a passion or something we enjoy to a task that we have to complete. This can cause procrastination or total avoidance.

Try switching it up. If you don’t feel like writing, try talking. If I’m not in the mood to write, sometimes I use dictation on my Mac to write a blog post. OR I just talk out loud and write the words as I say them.

I like these approaches because they help me overcome the writers block by just talking. The added bonus is talking helps me stay true to my inner voice and write the way I talk.


A writing ritual is something you do to put you in the zone. It can be a time of day, a place that you go, a room in your house, a favorite chair, a glass of wine or cup of coffee or tea.

There’s no right or wrong way to do this. It’s just about finding your creative zone and triggering your brain to go into writing mode.

This approach is partly about finding your best environment and circumstance to set yourself up for success. The other part is about establishing a habit or routine that communicates to your mind “it’s time to write”. 

I have a couple of writing rituals because of my work schedule. But my favorite one is to write on a weekend morning. I love to wake up in the morning, make a cup of coffee, crack a window, get on my laptop in my favorite chair, and put on my focus playlist.

I’m the most creative and focused in the morning and when I have my playlist on and my coffee in hand, my mind knows from experience that it’s time to write. 

Here are some things to think about when coming up with your own ritual:

  • What time of day do you feel the most creative and productive? 
  • What gives you a jolt of inspiration? (A fresh cup of coffee? A walk outside?)
  • What helps you focus? (Silence? Classical music? A noisy coffee shop?)
  • Where are you the most creative and productive? (Your home office? The kitchen table? Your back patio? The library?)
  • What blocks your creativity? (A messy desk? A house full of people?)

Use the answers to these questions to setup your writing ritual in a way that helps you to be the most creative, inspired, and productive. The best version of your writing self. 



If your writers block is coming from a place of feeling overwhelmed by the many things competing for your time and attention, I totally understand.

It may help to take a few minutes to refresh on your why. Why did you start your blog? Why do you want your online business to succeed? 

I setup a secret Pinterest Board titled “My Why”. On this board I pin things that inspire me to stick with it when the going gets tough.

When I need a jolt of motivation to keep pushing forward, I look at my Why Board. Here I see pins and reminders of independence, freedom, and experiences I want in my life.

Sometimes taking a few minutes to reflect on your why can give you the motivational push you need to write great content. Stay the course!:)

What tips and tricks do you have for overcoming writers block as a blogger? Share in the comments below!